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One of the things we have been missing since this pandemic has started is the ability to simply have casual conversation with the Pastor. While previously he could have been found in his office from time to time for drop in visits, working from home does not allow this convenience . To rectify the situation and maintain social distancing and proper safety protocols we have decided to have weekly conversations with the Pastor. Anyone who wishes to talk with the pastor in a group setting can log onto the Zoom chat and share your thoughts on the sermon, the Bible Study, or how to relate the Bible to daily life: whatever you wish to discuss. There will be Monday morning & Thursday evening meetings. All are welcome to attend either or both meetings. The first meeting will be Thursday, September 10th from 7:00-7:45pm. Future meetings are as follows:

2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month : 7:00-7:45pm
2nd & 4th Mondays of the month : 8:30-9:45am