Field of Grace 

at the Crossroads

Field at the corner of Bayard Road and Rte. 408

This property was purchased by Mt. Zion United Methodist Church by the Grace of God in 2014.  Since then, the field has been seeded with grass and lovingly cared for in order to provide more space for ministry opportunities. The field offers Mt. Zion UMC additional space for youth to play games, to hold festivals, community yard sales, and so much more.  The visible location helps MZUMC reach and serve the South County community in new ways in order to share the Gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Walking Path


Need a few minutes to be outside and reflect? Stop by The Field of Grace at the Crossroads, Spiritual Walking Path.  The perimeter of the field is about 1/3 mile.  There are 8 stations marked by poles with Christian reflections on them.  The reflections will be changed regularly to offer different themes and coincide with seasons of the church year.  

Take time to get physical exercise, contemplate and reflect on your relationship with Jesus Christ. Enjoy the benches, made by the youth group, pray, meditate, and relax!  We hope that this space serves your mind, body, and soul.



Good Friday Station of the Crosses

Everyone in the community is invited to literally pick up the cross and carry it around the Field of Grace on Good Friday each year. During this time you're encouraged to pause and reflect on scripture at the stations of the cross. Our youth make crosses of all sizes, including hand-held and crosses large enough for one person to drag or several people to carry. You’ll be able to feel the weight of the cross as you carry it, just as Jesus did.


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