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Beginning March 1st

We are encouraging everyone to fast each Wednesday in Lent (as each person’s health and body allows); fasting from food and other items can help us to better focus on what God is trying to say to us. 


We will break the fast together each Wednesday at 5:15pm with a meal in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited, even if you did not fast that day. 

 At 5:50pm we will transition to opportunities for people to come together. 

 Adults can move to the Sanctuary for a time of prayer, and listening to the Holy Spirit.

 High School youth will move to the Library for Homework Study Group. 

 Middle School youth and Elementary children will go to Classroom 5 for a time of crafts and story-telling.

 If you have interest in helping with the meal, youth/children, or leading some other opportunity from 6-7pm, let Pastor Heath or Pastor Jenn know.

Be sure to invite your friends and neighbors and have others join us in the wild with Jesus!

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