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Rev. Heath Wilson

I am Rev. Heath Wilson and I have been clergy since 2008.  My wife is a United. Ergo dust Global Missionary serving in Winston-Salem NC and my son is a twenty-something living at the family Maple Farm in a Vermont farmhouse. I grew up agnostic and came to faith late in life.  I have been a “pew potato” who watched the clock and wanted a service to go no more than an hour so I understand the full spectrum of where people are on their faith journey.  On my journey of faith I have come to appreciate healthy community and vibrant worship and hope to move people to a greater appreciation of worship time.  I try to be a pastor that leads the church to have real community where we really care for one another, pray with and for one another, and find ways to use the gifts God has given us so that we can all be part of church. In addition, I believe in having exciting  and vibrant worship where at times we are surprised, at times we laugh, and yes even sometimes we cry. I do love cooking and baking and have been known to at times drop off a loaf of fresh bread.  I truly believe each of us are on our own individual journey of faith but that we need others to join us that are in different places in their faith journey.  I believe that when we journey together with Jesus as our guide and as we listen to the Holy Spirit that we are able to create a foretaste of God’s heavenly kingdom.

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